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NutriVision Research & Development Sweden AB (Inc.)
is a young and dynamic company

Our mission is to formulate and design new and exciting nutritional supplements with scientifically proven effects on health and well-being, as well as physical and mental performance. The aim is to offer only products that are potential market leaders in the most interesting segments.

We are focusing only on the R&D part of the value chain; thus all other functions are being outsourced. We source our raw material, and have built up an international network of suppliers of high quality products. In order to meet with the constant demand for new and unique products, both with regard to quality, efficiency and environmental friendliness, we have our own R&D team which consists of scientists from Uppsala University, medical doctors and nutritionists.

State-of-the-art research tools, such as magnetic resonance spectroscopy, are being used to evaluate the biological effects from the use of the products. Since NutriVision strives to have an extensive base of contacts within the scientific and university arena our headquarter is located at Uppsala Science Park - a scientific community with 130 innovative companies especially within the field of Biotech and Life Science.

Our product portfolio consists of a Health Care Line and a Sports Line and is distributed in Finland and in Norway and Sweden by Norway`s largest health food enterprise Validus with great success. According to the present plan, the products will be launched in several European countries during 2006. NutriVision is now making export a top priority and are collaborating with The Swedish Trade Council in finding local partners on the most attractive markets.

Due to the fact that we are relatively small we have great flexibility, which we believe is a key factor to success for a modern company, particularly in the dynamic field of front-line nutrition research and development.

 Executive Summary