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Product information

We carry two different line of products Health Care and Sports Line. Click the link to the left for more specific product related information.
Our product philosophy is Quality in Every Aspect:

    Most of the ingredients come from Scandinavian and European high quality manufacturers

    The quality is tested at several stages of the production. The final analysis is made in a independant Swedish laboratory

    The final producs are manufatured in European pharamcuetical plants with GMP-standards (not within the food indystry that most dietary supplements are)

    The products are developed in close collaborations with nutrtionists, nutrition researchers and phsysicians

    Every product consist of several bioactive compounds that work in synergy with each other.

    The aim is that every product have a scientifically measurable effect upon human performance, well-being and/or different health related parameters. NutriVision supports scientific research conducted on the products.